Honeymoon Package

Afitos ,in the beautiful Kassandra of Halkidiki, is a magical destination which will impress you, whatever the reason for visiting may be. White Suites Resort ist he perfect place for you to get to know this beautiful destination, have a memorable honeymoon and create ever-lasing memories. We have prepared for you special packages for a romantic honeymoon in Halkidiki, which you will definitely never forget. Asteria Honeymoon Packages 4 Nights accommodation in a standard suite and one night more complimentary Cost : € 600 for 2 persons (May - June – September )Cost: € 750 for 2 persons (July - August) Full Honeymoon Package 6 Nights accommodation in asuperior suite and one night more complimentary Cost: € 1100 for 2 persons (May – June - September), € 1300 for 2 persons (July- August) White Honeymoon Package 4 Nights accommodation in aDeluxe suite and one night more complimentary Cost: € 1550 for 2 persons (May - June - September), € 1850 for 2 persons (July- August) Romance Honeymoon Packages A Romantic Weekend Two-night accommodation in thesuite of your preference Cost for May - June – September according to the suite: StandardSuite: € 450 SuperiorSuite: € 500 DeluxeSuite: € 570 StandardSuite: € 530 SuperiorSuite: € 570 DeluxeSuite: € 650 Wedding proposal in White Suites Resort One-night accommodation in aDeluxe suite for 2 persons Cost: € 400 for May - June – September, € 500 for July - August: € 500 Romantic Holidays Seven-night accommodation in aStandard suite for 2 persons Cost: € 1200 for May - June – September, € 1500 for July - August

Wedding Offers

In addition to organizing wedding receptions and other social events, our hotel offers youfull packages which include everything related to the most important moment ofyour life. From the decoration, the wedding ceremony and reception to thepreparation, the “bureaucracy”, the photo-shooting, filming and musicsupervision of the event. Check out the exclusive special wedding packages weoffer for a wedding in Halkidiki and choose the one which accommodates you rtaste and your needs.
  • Civil wedding ceremony
  • Civil wedding ceremony on the beach
  • Golden civil ceremony
  • Wedding ceremony on a boat
For further information and the cost of our packages, please email us at [email protected] or dial +30 2374091639